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Moregain Pictures is a solely owned and directly controlled by a U.S. publicly traded company Moregain Capital. Moregain Capital is a comprehensive private equity investment and management company specializing in financing healthcare industry, gambling industry and entertainment industry, as well as commercial bank investment and capital market cooperation. Moregain capital plans to raise a total of 100 billion US dollars for investment. Mr. Micheal Antonovich (Mike) serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Moregain Capital. Chairman Antonovich served as congressman in the States of California since 1972, and during 1980 to 2016, Mike serves as Los Angeles County Supervisor for 36 consecutive years (Managing Los Angeles 88 cities and nearly 20 million people, and while managing over $30 billion of government funds on behalf of Los Angeles County for foreign investment and cooperation). During his tenure as County Supervisor, Chairman Mike has hosted many U.S. presidents, including President Reagan、Bush、Clinton, Bush、and Obama. He also hosted Chinese President Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping, In addition to that, heads of state, presidents and prime ministers of many countries and regions in the world, in addition to that, Chairman Mike has also met with successful and distinguished people from all over the world. Chairman Mike’s extremely rich social resources and connections with global high profile figures, and have played an important role in promoting exchanges and cooperation among governments, cultures and enterprises worldwide. Mike also served as Republican Party whip, and the presidential committee member for both President Reagan and President Bush .

Moregain Pictures is professional comprehensive film company specializing in the investment, development and distribution of blockbuster movies in Hollywood. Among all Hollywood blockbuster films, Moregain Pictures selects the films which are most influential, targeting global audience, with A-list cast crew and exciting storylines, and also well-produced and globally distribution. Based on global big data analysis, Moregain Pictures will forecast the good box office revenue return, such as, “Jurassic World”, “Fast and Furious”, “Star Wars”, “Iron Man”, “Marvel’s The Avengers”, “Transformers ”, and other similar low-risk high-return blockbuster movies. The core concept of ​​Moregain Pictures is that “a good story will surely make a good movie. A good movie will surely have a good international box office return. A good box office will certainly bring huge profits to Moregain Pictures. “The precision investment in the film and television industry has laid the foundation for the success of the film industry. Continuous and strong profitability is not only a perpetual motion of listed companies, but also will make it a benchmark for the industry. With unique creative thinking and innovative thinking, Moregain Pictures has become stronger and bigger, and at the same time, it has guaranteed the safety, and benefits of investors.

Moregain Pictures will be strategically cooperating with Six Major US production companies (Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox Pictures, and Disney Pictures). Build strong supporting and exchange resources, complement each other’s strengths, and achieve strong alliances. With the support of Moregain Capital, the investment in the film industry of Moregain Pictures is US$2 billion and the initial investment is US$500 million, which will help Moregain to invest in Hollywood blockbuster films. At the same time, Moregain Pictures plans to cooperate with U.S. streaming platforms such as Netflix and HBO, as well as Chinese largest streaming platforms, such as, iQiyi, Youku and other companies for strategic cooperation to further promote and enhance the development of the world’s streaming movies.

Moregain Pictures will make the best use of its advantages to realize the success of investment and film with combination of creativity and innovation. In the world movie landmark – Los Angeles, take full advantage of its own resources and platform advantages, to acquire and hold film and television companies with high potentials in the Hollywood, China, Hong Kong and other regions, to conduct in-depth reorganization to lead the global movie industry.

Moregain Pictures deeply studies and analyzes the potentials and prospects of the future movie market in the world, predicts the development trend of the film technology industry, such as VR and AR, forecasts market valuations and makes investments. Moregain Pictures believes that “A country is strong because of its strong economy; a country’s economy is strong because of its strong culture; a country’s culture is strong because of its strong films.” A movie is like a name card of a national which reflects the cultural of its country, and connect the world through the spirit of humanities which will affect international exchanges. Moregain Film’s investment in the movie industry and film technology, relying on the global movie market, will play an invaluable role in the future layout of the film-based cultural field.

Moregain Pictures will enter into a strategic partnership with UCMPA to provide a real platform for exchanges and cooperations between film and television scriptwriters, directors, actors, and film and television practitioners from both United States and China, and fully promote the career development of filmmakers. To realize the organic integration of Hollywood’s film industry and China’s vast film talents and markets, and provide a real barrier-free access for US-China film and television cooperation, eliminate intermediaries and ensure accurate docking, lay the foundation for the healthy development of the global film and television culture industry.

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